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At Quantum Industries you will always be in contact with one of our team members. They will stay with you until your project is completed. This ensures that communication is clear and consistent even when the project goes to one of our project managers. There will always be a team member with your project leader. You’ll never be out of touch. That’s our personal guarantee to you!

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Our Infrastructure Services

Project Management

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Once you make a decision to go ahead with your project, our team member will assign you to a project manager to begin the process. This starts with a consultation and feasibility study. At every step, our professionals will keep you up to date until the end. In their presentation, the project manager will make sure that all of your questions – from cost and various phases to time-to-completion – are addressed before they start.

Potable Water

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Many countries struggle with providing potable drinking water for their citizens and residents. No more! With our team of experts, we can design the right solutions for your particular situation. Water quality is based on many factors.  Environment, geological strata, and quality of water out of the ground are all critical in deciding what solution is right for your project. We are sure you will be satisfied when the project is completed.

Roads and Highways

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When building roads, we also include maintenance in our cost. Many companies ignore this and simply leave after the road is built, leaving you the problem of maintaining it. We are dedicated to excellence in our service and will make sure the project includes upkeep of the roads and highways. Our builders only use the latest road technologies because you deserve only the best.



To have a prosperous economy and thriving businesses, a modern airport is critical. Our team has the experience to design, build, implement an airport system that will meet your needs and help you project your future growth. Our design will also evaluate the impact of the noise and bustle of the airport on the surrounding area. At Quantum Industries, we understand that any contractor can build an airport – but not all can do it right.

Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy is a great way to strengthen your current electrical grid. In some instances using solar may be able to replace much of your energy needs. Putting in place the proper support for your current grid system can be a very complicated matter. Our team of experts can make sure they maximize the amount of power out of the system implemented to support or replace your current electrical system. 



Without Telecommunications, all your efforts will be in vain. No communication or poor communication means things will not get done properly and efficiently. We can put all the latest technology at your disposal, creating a system that is upgradeable and much more advanced than what you may have now. And what about redundancies when these systems fail? The ability to get back up and running quickly is critical. We can help you make decisions on the types of upgrades that are suited to keeping your nation connected.



Railways are one of those infrastructure necessities many countries do not think about. Crossing of huge land masses by lorry trucks carrying precious cargo, food, furniture, and other goods is sometimes not feasible. Railways are capable of carrying larger loads over long distances, and the proper rail system can support passengers as well. Allow us to design and implement a system that will take care of transporting both goods and people.

Waste to Energy

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The new technologies in waste-to-energy systems are nothing less than incredible. Without one or several in place, you are literally throwing energy away. Don’t do that. We can design and implement systems that do more than just garner energy from an abundance of refuse – you can also create fertilizer and potable drinking water while disposing of garbage. And don’t forget there has to be a system in place to remove waste from cities, towns, villages and suburbs. We can help you develop a comprehensive waste-to-energy system that is much more efficient and cost effective, even if it means upgrading your current grid.

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